Our first event will be on Sunday afternoon April 19th from 1 PM to 4 PM at the IEOU Union Hall conveniently located at 270 and St. Charles Rock Road (3449 Hollenberg Dr, Hazelwood, MO  63044).  We expect to attract over 200 people. We are building a lineup of featured speakers and have confirmation from Congressman Clay and are in the process of confirming other well know political figures.  Their presentations will be interspersed with educational speakers comprised of local university professors and advocacy speakers who will reinforce our Democratic Party’s principals and how they relate to relevant issues affecting all of us today.

The speakers will be limited to 15 minutes each and will be interspersed with 15 minute break intervals.  Sign-up opportunities will be presented by tables staffed by individual township clubs as well as committee people and Democratic Clubs and organizations like West County Democrats and the St. Louis County Central Committee.  We will provide a means for visitors to determine the township in which they live at registration time so that they would be able to go to the correct table or area.

Refreshments will be available.  The event is free to attend.


Event sponsorship will cover the costs of the meeting and allow for scholarships to townships that do not have clubs to afford posters to identify themselves with the hope of attracting sign-ups. The sponsorship amounts are:

Sponsorship       Amount                        Sponsorship        Amount

Bronze:                    $0 -$50                            Gold:                         $100-149

Silver:                      $51-$99                            Platinum                   $150+


Welcome to the Gateway Democrats

A group of St. Louis County Democratic Committee People and Township Club Presidents chaired by Harvey Ferdman, President of the Maryland Heights Township Democratic Club, are working to expand and motivate the “base” in our area between elections so that there is momentum going into the next election.

People are invited to attend from all the Democratic Clubs in the City of St. Louis, Counties of St. Louis, St. Charles, Jefferson and Franklin, all aldermen, Committee People, past campaign supporters and volunteers, including people who displayed yard signs or worked on campaigns in recent history.

The committee will publicize the event as broadly as possible using predominantly electronic media.